Double Eyelid Surgery Chiang Mai

Double Eyelid Surgery Chiang Mai

Double eyelid surgery in Chiang Mai

Having double eyelid surgery is not only a matter of beauty, but ptosis and sagging eyelids will make you look old. Look older And sometimes droopy eyelids that block vision may also be the reason for having to have double eyelid surgery. Double eyelid surgery is therefore one of the most commonly performed surgeries. But there are many different ways to get double eyelid surgery. So which type are we suitable for? Which is better? Actually, every method of double eyelid surgery has different advantages and disadvantages. There is no best method that suits everyone. A good surgeon should be able to perform all types of double eyelid surgery. and choose the best method that suits each person

The problem of single eyelids may make girls It doesn’t look beautiful, sour, sharp, or big and sweet. But these days, the problem can be solved by getting double eyelid surgery from a surgeon who is an expert in surgery. It is widely popular. This will result in the face looking more proportional and charming.



Why do you need double eyelid surgery at Lannawadee Clinic?

Why do you need double eyelid surgery at Lannawadee Clinic? The surgical team is experienced and qualified. Having experience in double eyelid surgery correct, operating rooms, tools and medical equipment that are clean to international standards correct, get beautiful, natural eyelids, not fooling the eyes, correct, guaranteed 6 months after double eyelid surgery.

Double Eyelid Surgery Chiang Mai

What type of double eyelid surgery is best? Pros and cons.

double eyelid surgery There are 5 methods to choose from, which will be suitable for people with various types of eyelid problems as follows:

1. Use a knife or laser to cut.  Suitable for people with single eyelids. There are two floors but it’s not clearly hidden inside. Have uneven or unclear eyelids or have a lot of fat on the eyelids It is the most popular method for making double eyelids. The doctor will cut off the excess eyelid without leaving any scars. Because the scar is hidden in the eyelid.

2. Use point stitching. It is sewn to the eyelid at approximately 2 – 3 points. This is suitable for people who have problems similar to using a knife or laser to cut. But the fat around the eyelids must not be thick or there should be no looseness of the eyelids. The advantage is that there is not much swelling and the wound heals quickly. The disadvantage is that the threads may come off if you rub your eyes hard. and will not look natural

3. Make incisions in the eyes and open the inner and outer corners of the eyes.  Suitable for people with closed corners and closed eyes. Refers to the skin of the upper eyelid coming down to cover the corner of the eye or the corner of the eye. Therefore making the eyes look narrow. But you cannot use only the incision method to make your eyes look bigger and double. Must be combined with surgery on the inner and outer corners of the eyes as well.

4. Correct by opening the inner corner or outer corner of the eye alone.  Suitable for those who already have eyelids, no need to incise. Simply having surgery to open the inside or corner of the eye is enough.

5. Raise the corners of your eyes to look upwards. The advantage is that it is suitable for those who want their face to look more radiant. This can be done by cutting the eyelid at the same time. by lifting the corners of the eyes to suit the face How beautiful the oblique will be depends on each person’s eye socket bone.

In the case where you already have double eyelids but the eye sockets are deep Can be corrected by adding fat to the eye socket. And double eyelid surgery can last for about 35 – 45 years.

Double Eyelid Surgery Chiang Mai

How to choose the size of your eyelids

You should consult a doctor to help determine the appearance of your eyelids and the method of incision. The doctor will also advise you on what the eye shape will look like. So that those who want to do it can decide whether it will meet their needs or not as well.

Is double eyelid surgery dangerous?

The doctor will give you anti-anxiety medication along with anesthetic. Therefore, having double eyelid surgery does not feel painful and does not require a hospital stay. When finished, you can go home immediately. There was also no danger and no scars. The wound will heal and only redness will be visible within 3 weeks. After that, the skin will be as normal as other areas in about 4 – 6 months.

How to prepare before having double eyelid surgery

You should not drive to the beauty salon yourself. But you should have someone take care of you and help you take them home, and you should prepare sunglasses. To protect from dust and sunlight

How to take care of yourself after double eyelid surgery

Double eyelid surgery, Lan Nawadee Clinic, price

  • Double eyelid surgery 29,900฿
  • Double eyelid surgery + drooping eyelid removal 35,900฿
  • Double eyelid surgery, fix sagging eyelids + remove excess fat 39,900฿
  • Add surgery to open the inner corner of the eye, small eyes 10,000 ฿
  • Corrective case add 10,000 ฿

Double Eyelid Surgery Chiang Mai

Frequently asked questions about double eyelids

In the case where the two eyes are not equal Can I have double eyelid surgery?

In the case where the two eyes are unequal, they are divided into 2 cases as follows:

1. In case of weak eye muscles or impaired eye muscles The doctor will perform surgery on the affected side to make it close to the normal side. It will help your vision to see more clearly.

2. In the case where the eye levels are not equal on both sides The doctor will perform surgery on both sides to have the same level of eyelids as possible. Don’t just do it on one side.



Double Eyelid Surgery Chiang Mai Double Eyelid Surgery Chiang Mai Double Eyelid Surgery Chiang Mai Double Eyelid Surgery Chiang Mai Double Eyelid Surgery Chiang Mai Double Eyelid Surgery Chiang Mai Double Eyelid Surgery Chiang Mai Double Eyelid Surgery Chiang Mai Double Eyelid Surgery Chiang Mai Double Eyelid Surgery Chiang Mai Double Eyelid Surgery Chiang Mai Double Eyelid Surgery Chiang Mai Double Eyelid Surgery Chiang Mai Double Eyelid Surgery Chiang Mai Double Eyelid Surgery Chiang Mai Double Eyelid Surgery Chiang Mai Double Eyelid Surgery Chiang Mai Double Eyelid Surgery Chiang Mai

Double Eyelid Surgery Chiang Mai Double Eyelid Surgery Chiang Mai

Study the steps before getting double eyelid surgery.

double eyelid surgery It is a surgical procedure that involves making incisions in the eyelid. Then the eyelids are sewn back together to create an eyelid. This may include surgery to remove excess skin and fat around the eyelid. About 50 percent of Asians have single eyelids. As a result, this double eyelid cosmetic surgery is the most popular in Asia. Because it will make the face look lively. And it also makes applying makeup easier.



Dr.Teerasak Pattayadeekul

Special lecturer in Dermatology and Regenerative medicine, Department of Anti-Aging Medicine, Mae Fah Luang University / Doctorate Doctor in Dermatology, Skin Surgery/Laser/Beauty

  • Fellow in dermato surgery & LASER Ramathibodi .
  • Visiting fellow dermatology Juntendo Dermatology & Dermatopathology.
  • MD.Msc.Phd in Dermatology / LASER / Aesthetic Surgery.
  • Fellow in LASER surgey and Facial plastic surgery Fort Lauaderdel Florida USA
  • Diploma of Hair Transplantation by Thai association and Academy of Cosmetic surgery and medicine

Dr.Thaweeporn Treepraphakorn

Doctor of Cosmetic Surgery/Laser/Hair Transplant Hair transplant board doctor (ABHRS)

  • Fellowship in Cosmetic Surgery/ Korean college of Cosmetic Surgery
  • American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery/ABHRS
  • Certificate Hair transplantation By Korean Society of Hair Restoration Surgery/ISHRS
  • Member in association of Aesthetic Anti-aging Surgery,Thailand
  • Certificate Liposuction by Korean college of Cosmetic Surgery
  • Member of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery



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