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Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision Rhinoplasty


Revision Rhinoplasty in Chiang Mai   If talking about plastic surgery The organ that ranks among the most popular is probably inevitable. “Rhinoplasty” because it can change the face of a normal girl To be incredibly beautiful, some people only have nose surgery in one area. It can instantly make the face look more proportional. But some people are not satisfied with the results. Until I have to sit and worry in the morning and evening that My nose is broken. What should I do? I want to fix my nose. What should I do?


What is a nose job?

Rhinoplasty is surgery where incisions are made at the base of the nose on both sides to correct the nose, allowing the entire nasal structure to be seen inside. Including silicone, silk, or various foreign substances. that had been injected into the nose area Including correcting various abnormal nose shapes.

Such as a crooked center, large hump, pink nose, short nose, hooked nose, deformed nose, wide nose base, silicone perforation, thin tip problem, small nose, etc., which is a method of correcting the nose shape that Closed rhinoplasty (Close Rhinoplasty) cannot be performed. Which will focus on using silicone to enhance the nose only.

The problem of a broken nose that should be fixed

Crooked nose or tilted nose is the most common problem.


Which method can be tested by yourself Whether the nose that was made is crooked or not It can be observed from the midpoint between the eyebrows, the inner corner of the eye, and the midpoint of the tip of the nose. It should be in the middle of the upper lip. The problem of the tilted nose Medically classified as a side effect that occurs after nose augmentation surgery with silicone rods, there are 3 types:

A tilted base is the area between the eyebrows and the inside of the eye tilted to one side.
The shape of the tip is beveled, meaning the area at the base is straight and normal. But the tip of the nose is slanted.
The whole nose is slanted, meaning it can be clearly noticed from the moment you walk from the front of the alley.

The reason why the nose is so crooked that it needs to be fixed

1. The base of the nose that was originally there when I first opened my eyes to see the world is already crooked from before. When the silicone is placed, it will cause the silicone to tilt according to the original base.

2. The bones in the middle area are raised. When the silicone stick is placed This causes the silicone to move back and eventually tilt.

3. The plastic surgeon made the silicone too long. It will cause a tilt to one side or in some cases the silicone may penetrate!!!!

4. Uneven nasal cavity When the left and right nasal passages are unequal, it causes an uneven slope of the nose, causing the nose to become crooked.

The tip of the nose is too pointed.


The most common problem that causes a lack of confidence after nose surgery!! That is, after having had a nose  job , but found that  the tip of the nose was too pointed  or the silicone had almost come through. Makes it look more scary than cute. In the case of a perforated nose It occurs only at the tip of the nose, which is clearly visible. The tip will look clear. You can almost see the silicone.


The reason why the tip of the nose is too sharp and requires nose correction

1. Inexperience and lack of experience in decorating silicone rods from surgeons. A silicone rod that is too hard has been used. (budget-friendly hard silicone implants (not of good quality) or have silicone decorations that are too high and inappropriate for the patient’s nose shape

2. The patient lacks self-care, such as not getting enough rest, frequently touching the wound. Not taking care of cleaning

3. The patient has designed his or her own nose, such as wanting a teardrop-shaped nose tip shape. In this case, the surgeon will recommend using the patient’s own bone behind the ear rather than using silicone for naturalness and safety.

Skewed silicone

Symptoms of silicone distortion
It was noticed that the silicone that was added was askew. (Measure from between the eyebrows, the inside of the eyes, and the tip of the nose. It should be in the center of the upper lip.)


Use open surgery (Open Rhinoplasty) to remove the old silicone and remove the membrane. Adjust the original structure, such as fixing a crooked nose, hammering the hump. Or adjust a short nose to make it longer, etc. Then insert silicone that is designed to suit the patient.

Causes of silicone being distorted

– The base of the original nose may already be crooked.
– Silicone trimming that may be longer than appropriate

Open nose correction (OPEN)

แก้จมูกแบบโอเพ่น (OPEN)

Open rhinoplasty or open nose surgery  It is a surgical technique that helps correct the shape of the nose and make it look more complete. With surgery, an incision is made at the base of both nostrils, revealing every part of the internal structure.

This allows the doctor to analyze the problem precisely and correct various nose shapes. If you want your nose to be longer, smaller, or want to make the nose shaft beautiful and straight, you can do so by using cartilage or synthetic tissue as the main help. It is considered a method that is different from closed rhinoplasty (Closed Rhinoplasty) that uses silicone and focuses only on enhancing the nose.

Open rhinoplasty Which point can you help fix? Who is it suitable for?

การเสริมจมูกแบบโอเพ่น หรือการทำจมูกแบบเปิด

Because it is surgery that opens the front of the nose to clearly reveal the internal structure, open rhinoplasty is suitable for anyone who wants to adjust the shape of their nose to be beautiful and beautiful in every way. The problems that most clinics encounter and can solve are as follows:

– People who have a short, round nose tip, a raised nose tip, or a pink-shaped nose can correct the shape of the nasal cartilage. Whether it is sewing to make the rounded tip of the nose look slimmer and longer, or surgery to remove excess tissue from the pink nose and enhance the bridge of the nose to make it more prominent.

– People who have a high nose shaft or deformed You can have nose surgery to make it smooth. and adjust the shape to make the nose look more beautiful and natural

– People who have undergone countless nose revisions until the membrane has accumulated. It is also possible to surgically scrape off all the fascia and then undergo surgery to correct the old erroneous nose shape to a new one as well.

– People who have had a closed nose job and feel that the silicone is about to break through. In this case, if the silicone is pushed until the tip of the nose becomes thin in the final stages Nose surgery It is a good option to preserve the tip of your nose by adding cartilage and fat from behind the ear. Block the tip of the nose to prevent the silicone from penetrating.

Nose correction review at Lannawadee Clinic


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Why choose Revision Rhinoplasty with Lan Nawadee Clinic

1. Lannawadee Clinic offers nose surgery services by specialized cosmetic surgeons. Has expertise and experience in nose surgery. We will focus on creating a nose that looks natural and fits the facial features of the surgery recipient as a top priority.

2. The silicone that the clinic uses is silicone from the United States. And has been certified by the FDA or FDA for safety. can be bent and natural As for the surgery, the expert doctor will perform the surgery carefully to cause the least amount of swelling and bruising and be as safe as possible.

3. The doctor is a medical expert. Skin/Cosmetic Surgery/Laser Branch Certification from America and Korea

4. More than 16 years of experience in cosmetic surgery/facial shaping.

5. Lan Nawadee Clinic meets all customer needs with standards, cleanness, and safety.

6. We provide beauty care and consultation services. and adjust the face shape to increase confidence Every proportion can solve the problem right to the point.

7. Lan Nawadee Clinic There are staff to take care of you. Follow up on results before/after every time. You can rest assured that when receiving services with us you will be taken care of. Take good care of it.

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