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Rhinoplasty(Nose Surgery): Want to have a perfect nose from every angle? You don’t have to spend money flying all the way to Korea. Because we brought a team of medical experts in plastic surgery with Korean techniques to Lan Nawadee Clinic has given it to you.

What is Rhinoplasty?​

Rhinoplasty  or nose surgery is the improvement of the shape of the nose to help make the face more dimensional, or in some cases it is to fix the problem of a disproportionate nose and face or to help correct an abnormal nose from severe damage. such as arising from an accident – being damaged or trouble breathing

Rhinoplasty in Thailand is where most patients have the objective of having their nose augmented in order to make the face more shaped, more beautiful, sharper, and more dimensional. and looks better overall

The results of rhinoplasty will depend on many factors, including the shape and the original facial structure of the customer. Some people might call rhinoplasty an adjustment to the physiognomy of the face in a better direction. In order to enhance the appearance of the nose, it requires the experience of the doctor in charge as well.

Basic principles to consider in planning for enhancement to achieve that shape. In addition to being unsure of yourself and wanting to improve yourself to look better, At present, it is still commonly used. Measuring the golden ratio Or what we call Golden ratio, it is a criterion for measuring the proportionality of the face.

As in the example picture below. We can see that celebrities who are good looking and famous in the world. will have a face that is close to the Golden ratio, so we can use this criterion to consider planning a nose job as well.

Rhinoplasty Chiang Mai How to choose a clinic safely?​

Nose Surgery is suitable for those who want to be more confident and beautiful and want to change the shape of their nose. Want to have a beautiful, high nose? But people who can have a nose job must have the following qualifications:
  1. The patient should be 20 years of age or older
  2.  Not during pregnancy. or breastfeeding
  3. Not recommended for people who use anticoagulants. have blood clots or various abnormal blood vessel diseases such as coronary artery disease.
  4. People with congenital diseases that may affect surgery, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, should consult a doctor before having the procedure.
  5. If you have a cold or have an infected wound Should be cured before rhinoplasty.

How many types of Nose Surgery are there?

Currently we can divide Rhinoplasty is divided into 2 groups:

  1. Rhinoplasty or nose surgery
  2. Nose augmentation without surgery or performing a procedure

Surgical Rhinoplasty

Nose Surgery Can be divided into 2 types: medaclinic

Open Rhinoplasty (Open Rhinoplasty)

Open rhinoplasty or often called open rhinoplasty (Open Rhinoplasty).

This method involves surgery to open up the nose tissue. Allows the doctor to clearly see the structure of the nose base and plan nose adjustment. Precise silicone placement

And suitable for shaping the bridge of the nose to smooth out the base of the nose before inserting silicone.  This method can support the artificial tissue or cartilage behind the ear at the tip of the nose to prevent perforation.

What type of nose is this method suitable for:  Suitable for patients who are concerned about the tip of their nose going through. or a group with a special nose structure, such as an uneven nose, a humped nose, a short nose structure, etc.

Advantages:  Can adjust the nose structure to a good shape. and enhance precise nose support techniques

Disadvantages:  The recovery period is quite long. The price is quite high because it is a specialized surgical case that is difficult and requires the doctor’s technique.

Closed Endonasal Rhinoplasty

This method, although it is a closed augmentation method, still requires surgery to open the channel and insert the silicone. The doctor will then position the silicone implant. This method can also be used in conjunction with the anti-jaw technique by supporting the tip of the nose with cartilage behind the ear as well.

What type of nose is this method suitable for  ? Suitable for patients who rarely have problems with the nose structure. *You should consult with your doctor to discuss and evaluate the nose structure every time.

Advantages  : Cheaper and longer recovery period than open type. It is quite popular for first time rhinoplasty.

Disadvantages:  Must be careful of the tilt of the silicone. Although the nose tip can be supported using the same technique, there is often movement of the nose tip material. Although there is a small chance, it may cause the tip of the nose to perforate.

Rhinoplasty without surgery

Rhinoplasty without surgery Or often called nose threading. A surgical technique is used in which the doctor uses a special type of thread to add structure to the nose by pulling, fixing, and anchoring it so that the nose is lifted and shaped as desired. But it requires the technique and experience of the doctor.

Who is this method suitable for:  Suitable for patients who are afraid of surgery. and would like to have a nose job without a long recovery period

Advantages:  Doesn’t hurt much, little swelling, doesn’t take long to recover.

Disadvantages:  The duration of stay is temporary, approximately 4-6 months. In addition, some people will encounter problems with the nose holding back or the original nose structure becoming rougher.
(This is because our body creates tissue to preserve and protect against foreign objects entering the body. In this case, the silk has spines for holding it. fixation of nose structure)

What is Rhinoplasty? How good is it when you do it?

Nailing the nose base or nailing the nose base It is a special technique that helps in nose surgery. It is done to adjust, decorate the base of the nose, causing problems with the structure and shape of the nose that originally existed, such as crooked, tilted, etc., in order to accept the silicone that will be augmented as much as possible. This will reduce the chance of a crooked nose. The tilt and float of the silicone from the problem of uneven nose bases on both sides is very good.

It also helps design and determine the width of the bridge of the nose to have a curve that better fits the eyebrows and tip of the nose. And after having the nose bridge made, it will look smoother, not curved, and help the face look noticeably sweeter and softer.

What is a small Rhinoplasty?

Small Rhinoplasty That is, the skin around the nose can be picked up a little when the doctor augments it. It will enhance the skin’s strength. Don’t force the texture of the skin. To prevent future problems, decorate and sharpen the shape to make it beautiful.

Preparation before rhinoplasty

Preparing before getting a nose job isn’t anything complicated. In addition to preparing the patient’s health to be strong Prepare your body for rest after surgery. to get the best results Lannad V Clinic therefore recommends the following methods of preparation before rhinoplasty.

  • You should refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol for at least 1 week.
  • You should refrain from eating slang, seafood, and fermented flowers for at least 1 week.
  • Medications that affect blood clotting and vitamins or dietary supplements should be avoided for at least 1 week.
  • Clean the facial area thoroughly (medical assistants usually clean clients’ faces before surgery. repeated before starting surgery again) to prevent infection
  • Eat food from all 5 food groups and get enough sleep before undergoing surgery.

Taking care of yourself after rhinoplasty surgery

After rhinoplasty surgery The client’s nose and face will be swollen. which requires special attention to taking care of yourself Lan Nawadee Clinic therefore recommends how patients should take care of themselves to reduce swelling and allow the body to recover quickly as follows:

  • For the first 24-48 hours after surgery, you will need to sleep with your head elevated and apply cold compresses to reduce swelling around the nose.
  • After 48 hours, it will be changed to a warm water compress instead.
  • Swelling will be greatest in the first 72 hours, after which it will gradually subside within 7-10 days.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise.
  • Avoid activities that cause irritation to the nose during the first few months.
  • Eat nutritious food Get enough rest.
  • Abstain from all types of fermented food. Because it easily causes inflammation, itching, and other adverse symptoms. Please strictly avoid it.
  • Take medicine as prescribed by the doctor completely. and should come see the doctor as per appointment
  • If you notice any unusual symptoms or have questions and need additional advice. Do not hesitate to contact our doctor and staff for consultation.

In most cases, when the swelling has decreased The skin around the nose turns purple, green and yellow respectively. and finally disappeared Will the swelling occur more or less? And whether the swelling disappears slowly or quickly depends on the surgery. How much did the doctor correct? In most cases, the doctor will make an appointment to see your symptoms and remove the sutures in your nose approximately 7 days after surgery.

However, in cases where the patient is young and has not undergone much nose contouring correction The body heals and reduces swelling quickly. and the nose will begin to fall into place In a period of approximately 1-3 months, the swelling will disappear almost 100% after approximately 3 months. The reduction of swelling is the estimation of most patients receiving services.

In some cases, the patient’s swelling may subside sooner or later. Behavior after surgery is something the patient must pay attention to. This is because in some cases patients will receive unique advice and may require special care that is different from other patients. Patients can consult and receive advice from doctors, medical assistants, and Lan Nawadee Clinic staff every business day.

Why choose Rhinoplasty with Lan Nawadee Clinic

  1. Lannawadee Clinic offers nose surgery services by specialized cosmetic surgeons. Has expertise and experience in nose surgery. We will focus on creating a nose that looks natural and fits the facial features of the surgery recipient as a top priority.

  2. The silicone that the clinic uses is silicone from the United States. And has been certified by the FDA or FDA for safety. can be bent and natural As for the surgery, the expert doctor will perform the surgery carefully to cause the least amount of swelling and bruising and be as safe as possible.
  3. The doctor is a medical expert. Skin/Cosmetic Surgery/Laser Branch Certification from America and Korea
  4. More than 16 years of experience in cosmetic surgery/facial shaping.

  5. Lan Nawadee Clinic meets all customer needs with standards, cleanness, and safety.

  6. We provide beauty care and consultation services. and adjust the face shape to increase confidence Every proportion can solve the problem right to the point.

  7. Lan Nawadee Clinic There are staff to take care of you. Follow up on results before/after every time. You can rest assured that when receiving services with us you will be taken care of. Take good care of it.

About us
Take care of by expert​
Trained and certified by many institutions.​

Dr.Teerasak Pattayadeekul

Special lecturer in Dermatology and Regenerative medicine, Department of Anti-Aging Medicine, Mae Fah Luang University / Doctorate Doctor in Dermatology, Skin Surgery/Laser/Beauty

  • Fellow in dermato surgery & LASER Ramathibodi .
  • Visiting fellow dermatology Juntendo Dermatology & Dermatopathology.
  • MD.Msc.Phd in Dermatology / LASER / Aesthetic Surgery.
  • Fellow in LASER surgey and Facial plastic surgery Fort Lauaderdel Florida USA
  • Diploma of Hair Transplantation by Thai association and Academy of Cosmetic surgery and medicine


Dr.Thaweeporn Treepraphakorn

Doctor of Cosmetic Surgery/Laser/Hair Transplant Hair transplant board doctor (ABHRS)

  • Fellowship in Cosmetic Surgery/ Korean college of Cosmetic Surgery
  • American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery/ABHRS
  • Certificate Hair transplantation By Korean Society of Hair Restoration Surgery/ISHRS
  • Member in association of Aesthetic Anti-aging Surgery,Thailand
  • Certificate Liposuction by Korean college of Cosmetic Surgery
  • Member of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
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