Otoplasty ChiangMai

Otoplasty Chiang Mai

Otoplasty Chiang Mai :  Generally, people’s ears are pressed towards the back, close to the scalp. At an angle of about 25-35 degrees, it is very rare to see people with protruding ears. The protruding ears usually occur from childhood. Because part of it is genetically inherited. The appearance of good ears must be the right size for the face, not too small, too big, or too spread out, causing a lack of confidence. You should consult a surgeon for correction.

What is the cure for protruding ears?

Correcting protruding ears  is surgery to alter the size, shape, or position of the ears. To create balance on the face You can do your hair in any style you want. Don’t worry about being mocked. Or do I have to keep covering my ears that are large and wide?


Ear surgery to correct protruding ears It can be done from about 6 years of age because children’s ears are at that time. Will be the same size as an adult. Those undergoing ear reduction surgery must receive direct consultation from the surgeon. Always have your doctor diagnose you before surgery.

Otoplasty at LanNawadee Clinic

  1. Why must you correct prolapsed ears with Lan Nawadee Clinic?
  2. Who is suitable for surgery to correct protruding ears?
  3. Preparing for surgery to correct protruding ears
  4. How to perform ear plastic surgery
  5. Care after surgery to correct protruding ears
  6. Review of surgery to correct protruding ears
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Why must you correct prolapsed ears with Lan Nawadee Clinic?

  • Suitable for people who have splayed ears. Doesn’t match the face
  • People who have unequal ears on both sides

Who is suitable for surgery to correct protruding ears?

Correcting protruding ears is suitable for people who have problems with both ears spreading out too much. It makes the ears look too prominent. feeling a loss of confidence

Otoplasty ChiangMai

Preparing for surgery to correct protruding ears

  • Consult a doctor to find treatment guidelines that are appropriate for your ear shape.
  • Get a physical examination if you have any congenital disease. or history of drug allergies Please notify the staff before the day of surgery.
  • Refrain from smoking, refrain from taking medicines and vitamins that make it difficult for the blood to stop, such as Aspirin, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, for 7 – 14 days before surgery.
  • Refrain from wearing contact lenses or makeup on the day of surgery.
Otoplasty ChiangMai

How to perform ear plastic surgery


How to do this type of surgery It will vary for each patient. The plastic surgeon will inject anesthetic. and give medication to reduce anxiety so that the patient does not feel pain during the procedure This surgery will take approximately 1 – 2 hours. Excess skin or cartilage on the ear will be surgically removed. which causes the ears to spread out Then sew the ear back along the crease behind the ear. Makes it impossible to see the wound hidden behind Patients can return to recuperate at home after surgery. เหตุการณ์

Care after surgery to correct protruding ears

  • The patient may feel pain in the wound. and there was swelling and numbness during the first period after surgery But these symptoms will gradually disappear.
  • The surgeon will keep the bandage on for about 3 days, after which it will be loosely wrapped. Around the head for about 1 – 2 weeks for the wound to heal quickly. and prevent concussions and wounds
  • Patients can return to their normal lives within 5 – 7 days and can perform strenuous activities such as contact sports within 1 – 2 months.
  • You should refrain from drinking alcohol and smoking for about 7 days.
  • Patients should sleep with their head elevated at approximately 45 degrees during the first 7 days of surgery. to reduce swelling
  • You should take medicine strictly as prescribed by your doctor.

Review of surgery to correct protruding ears

Otoplasty ChiangMai Otoplasty ChiangMai Otoplasty ChiangMai Otoplasty ChiangMai Otoplasty ChiangMaiOtoplasty ChiangMai Otoplasty ChiangMai Otoplasty Otoplasty


Otoplasty ChiangMai

Otoplasty Otoplasty ChiangMaiOtoplasty Otoplasty Otoplasty Otoplasty Otoplasty Otoplasty
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